The Days Go By …

Well, so far I have lost eight pounds….my belt is a lot tighter and my pants are a lot looser! It’s a great feeling.

Other than that, I am pretty stressed out. This is a hard job, to say the least. I have 10 counselors under me, and most of them are pretty lazy. Since I am in charge of four bunks and 50 kids, I feel like I am the general counselor of four bunks….most of the counselors behave as though they are campers too, and I find myself having to yell a lot to get everyone to move.

It takes up a lot of energy, but the kids are really great. I get to hang out with them when there isn’t a crisis to resolve. They like my songs a lot….they often make requests of me to play my original songs, and that’s a great feeling…especially when they sing along. We had a camp fire the other night for all the boys, and I was the music man…we all sat around singing, Let it Be, and various other catchy tunes.

I have a few problem campers who cause trouble…we had to kick out a two of them so far…one for selling candy, and the other for selling marijuana. Hard to believe that stuff happens here…but then again, not so hard to believe. The food is a little gross, but at least I am losing weight.

Hope this note finds everyone well. You can send me real mail…like a letter or a package at the following address:

Jared Nissim, Group Leader
Camp Shane
1311 Old Rt. 17
Ferndale, NY 12734

Please send me mail!!


Losin’ Some Weight

Once again, I am sorry I have not been able to respond to everyone who has written to me, but I have read every email.

I am doing well. The hours are long here…from 7:00am to 12:00 midnight. I have activities all day with the kids, and I am quite busy. It’s a very interesting job, because I manage a team of 10 counselors and oversee four bunks containing 50 children.

It’s a big responsibility…perhaps more than I have ever had in my life. I am definitely losing some weight, because my pants are loose and I am down a belt notch…it’s a good feeling. Being a Group Leader here is far different than being a camper, because I see how things run and understand the big scheme of the camp…but the campers take for granted that there is some unseen force governing things here and somehow everything just works….little do they know….

Anyway, please continue writing to me. I miss you guys…speak to you soon.


Jared Still at Camp

Hello all!

This has to be really short, because I have almost no time to access my email here at camp…I really don’t have time to even sit down and think to myself…there’s always an issue to deal with, or a child to attend to. It’s pretty hectic and stressful, but I am having a good time anyway.

This will be a very good experience for me, and I am losing weight already.  o everyone who has written to me, I am sorry if I cannot respond right away, but I can’t access my email for than a few minutes a week if I am lucky. Please forgive me, and I will write when I can. Know that I am well, having a tremendous time, and I will write as soon as I can.  Please write to me though….

See you all soon,


Jared Still at Camp – Part 2

Well, I am at camp!

Pretty awesome. They put me in charge of a division here, so I have POWER!  muahahaha…nooo, I am being good…it’s very cool to be in this sort of position though. The camp is a standard sort of layout, with all your typical activities…except it’s a weight loss camp, and they keep your diet pretty strict. The counselors arrived yesterday, and we have been doing a lot of training since then. The campers come on Wednesday, and that’s when all hell should break loose according to my calculations…

My kids will be about 14-15 years old…the ripe age of puberty…so I get to deal with all kinds of lovely issues, like “first times” for various things….should be fun. This is the camp I went to as a child, so I have a pretty good idea what to expect from the summer. But this time, I am the adult and the kids have to do what I say….

I should be able to email from time to time, but short messages like this….but it’s always a pleasure to hear from you all…