Pass the Bug Juice … No Wait … It has Sugar in it!

Well, camp is halfway over, and I am about 12 pounds lighter!

Not really losing as much weight as I would have liked, but I am not exactly starving myself the way these campers are. I have the privilege of sneaking an extra portion here and there…it makes all the difference. But either way, I am certainly eating much more healthfully than I did before I arrived.

I mean, my trip to Europe was “Jared’s fast food restaurant and internet cafe tour, 2000” during which I frequented Burger King and McDonald’s almost daily. But here, it’s very low fat…healthy cereals, a lot of fruits and vegetables, and more exercise than I have gotten in years. So in such an environment, it’s hard NOT to lose weight. Of course, on my days off I go crazy….you have to eat real food at least some times.

Beyond the food and exercise, it is phenomenal experience. The kids swing between being extremely funny and easy going and annoyingly frustrating and difficult to deal with.  It’s rare that a day goes by when I don’t throw my hands up in disgust, because they won’t listen to me.

Never a day passes when there isn’t some kind of issue for me to deal with, be it theft or fighting and name calling, or something else. We’ve had to throw a few kids out…most recently we expelled a 330 pound 14 year old, because he blew up at a counselor and went on a rampage threatening to kill everyone. Next day, he was on a plane home…we take these things seriously.

Yesterday, was visiting day. All the parents came so I had to smile a lot. The camp has a policy that all tips have to go through the office, so they can hold it over the heads of the counselors who threaten to quit, I suppose. Hope I got some good tips…I need money!

Being at camp is like being in a bubble. It’s a little world. I like the feeling of being an authority figure in such a little world. It’s nice, because everyone knows my name. So, I walk around all day and all these little kids come up to me and say hello. I smile and greet them, but I don’t really know who they are. I guess that’s how the president must feel 🙂

I’ve also gained the music man reputation I was hoping to have. They all associate me with the guitar and many times so far, I have gotten up in front of 700 people, alone, to sing songs. Most recently, I wrote a camp song and got up and sang it and had everyone singing along. What an incredible feeling to have hundreds of people singing a song that I wrote. It’s really what songwriters fantasize about.

Also, I moved out of the bunk that I was living in with 12 kids, and into a little house they built just for the group leaders. So now I have a lot more privacy, and I can sleep much better…what little time I am permitted to do so.