Camp Life

Hidey ho all!

I am still in the midst of thick and crazy camp life. Knee deep. It has become my reality.  I wake up at 6:45 every morning, go to a meeting with the head counselors and the rest of the group leaders, talk about any important issues that need to be dealt with, plan the day, plan the week, bitch and complain, and drink coffee with real milk, but carcinogenic sweet and lo.

These meetings are like a wall street trading floor…people screaming and yelling at each other, phones ringing, people coming to the door, tangents after tangents…nothing much gets accomplished. But now we male group leaders started having separate meetings by ourselves…ahhh, peace and productivity.

After the meeting, I go and wake up the kids….and that is like bringing down a horse. Some of these kids do not move in the morning, and not to mention the counselors who don’t do anything to help. Sometimes it takes threats of “ETR” or “ETB” to get them going.  These are common punishments we dispense to the trouble makers:  Early to Rise and Early to Bed. They hate that…so usually it gets them to do our will. Muuahahahahaha……I have power.

We have cleanup before breakfast, and I have to go around making sure the kids are doing their jobs…God knows the counselors don’t do theirs. They are, for the most part, warm bodies that serve little purpose. They bitch and complain more than the kids. Oh well. Half of them think they are at club med, and they can do whatever they want!

Then breakfast, which is usually a small box of cereal and a piece of fruit. The cereal is usually All Bran, a nasty invention better suited for gerbils than humans. But we force ourselves to consume all allowed calories. This is a fat camp, remember. After breakfast, we have morning stretch, where we all do some light exercise and get ready for the day’s activities.

The activities:  Softball, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Rope climbing, Arts and Crafts, Soccer, Lacrosse, Weight Lifting, etc etc.

Each night there is an evening activity, which is usually pretty dull. A few times we have had talent shows, and that has been fun for me, because I get to sing and play guitar in front of 700 people all by myself. Pretty scary, but good experience for me.

I like it here so far…it has its ups and downs, but I am glad to be doing it. Sure beats the corporate hell I recently escaped from.

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