I am the Barber of Seville

Hola! Back in Spain, I am.

It was a hard decision to make, whether or not to leave Lagos. It was just so nice there, so relaxing and cheap…I was tempted to just stay there for the rest of my trip and make one big trek up to Barcelona to fly home! But, I said to myself, “Self, there is only a week and a half left of your journey, and there are still a few things left to do. So self, put your weariness aside and get off your ass for this last leg.”  “But..but…it’s sunny here and they have cheap beer!”  “Self, don’t give me that crap. This trip is not about beer. It’s about experience! Now, load up and hop the bus to Seville. You won’t regret it. Plus they have chicken there.”

So, I did it for the chicken.

There was no direct train from Lagos to Seville…actually the trains in this region are rather poorly designed. There are gaps in the lines that make one go waaaay out of the way to cover a short distance as the crow flies. So, I took the bus. It was about $15 and five hours, direct from Lagos to Seville, but well worth not having to go all the way back to Madrid just to come back down south. The bus ride was quite fun actually, because, once again, I met a big group of people, and we all sort of banded together to “do” Seville. We joked and laughed all the way there. It was joyous.

As soon as I arrived in Seville, I began to regret leaving Lagos. I have been to so many big cities, and Lagos was small townish…and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to explore yet another big city. But, I was there…so, what choice did I have? Get on a bus back to Lagos? Actually, the idea tempted me.

I joined up with a guy from Boulder, CO, and we went looking for a pension to stay in. ALL of them were full….we finally found one with one room available, but way expensive. No choice in the matter…we took it.

By the time we got out and hit the town, it was dark. But Seville is very beautiful at night. It’s a city full of Moorish architecture, medieval walls, and cathedrals, as well as colorful Spanish looking streets lined with restaurants and houses. Boulder Man and I set out for some Paella and Sangria. Ohhhhh, Sangria. The drink of the gods. I have arrived at the TRUTH.

We ordered up a pitcher of the good stuff. It came full of fruit and wine mixed with brandy, I think. Whatever it was, it did the job…..halfway through the pitcher, I was lit like a campfire. Finally, I got some real chicken and rice too…not mixed with bits of shrimp…not some scam by the restaurant…it was real, and goood. I also tried Gazpacho…think I spelled that wrong, but it’s basically cold tomato soup…good stuff. Between all that and a dish of olives, I was set.

After dinner we walked around town and ran into the rest of our clan…that began a very long evening of bar hopping and merry making that didn’t stop till about 5:00am…..the nightlife here is pretty raging.

There are some serious landmarks here worth seeing. One is a complex called the Alcazar…this was the headquarters for the Moorish empire. What an amazing fortress it is. The walls remind me of Jerusalem. Inside are networks of ornate hallways with Arabic writing all over the walls….and the back gives way to the most lush gardens I have ever seen, full of trees and fountains, rows of shrubberies, as well as several Knights who run around and say “NEEK!”


The other biggie is the cathedral. Apparently it’s the biggest gothic structure of its kind…pretty cool. It also happens to be the burial place of Christopher Columbus…so, I came within a few feet of the guy we owe our country to, I suppose….I feel holy and stuff now.

I think tonight will be another raging party…Boulder Man can drink a fish under the table…so it’ll be interesting.

Tomorrow, I leave for Grenada.

By the way, what is the average velocity of an unladen swallow?