Jared Still in Portugal

Beautiful, clear blue water, coral reefs, sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, sunny days and starry nights, quaint streets, cheap hotels, novelty shops, sun burn, freshly squeezed orange juice, raging night life, cheap drinks, and cool people. That about sums up my last few days.

Still in Lagos, Portugal. Take a look on a map, to the southwest most corner of the Europe…that’s where I am…right on the corner of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. I am finally getting the R & R I needed to help me get over the burnout. It’s so relaxing here, just to chill on the beach, read my book, and play my guitar (I have been writing songs). I have met so many people here and spent a lot of time just kickin it with them. Not much to do, but hang out, and that is fine by me. Not in a rush to see any sights…no itinerary…no trains to catch, no worries. Just chillllllin.

My back hurts a bit from layin in the sun for too long….also I have major tan lines on my face from wearing sun glasses while on the beach…so I have lighter circles under my eyes right now, while the rest of my face is darker, except for the white lines where the glasses hang over my ears….eh, so what. I am havin a good time.

I was on the beach yesterday with a few of the people I came here from Lisbon with. Two of them decided to go dive off a cliff. I said, “You are crazy!” to them. I saw them climb up the cliff and stand at the edge. The first guy dived in and was fine. The second guy was clearly scared to do it….and as he jumped, I think he freaked out in the fall, and rolled backward, hitting the water with his back and neck. Needless to say, he was hurt pretty badly…now he is laid up in bed at the youth hostel, not really able to move.

I checked into a hotel, because I wanted a little privacy. It’s only about $20 a night for a decent room with a balcony. Portugal is way cheap, if you ever want to take an inexpensive vacation. Good weather and beaches…some serious views, and many castles too.

I think I will probably head to Seville, Spain, tomorrow…I decided to skip Morocco. I don’t have enough time to really appreciate the place. Plus, time in general is running out on my trip. Maybe I will hit Seville, then Grenada, as well as Gibraltar, all before heading up to Barcelona.

I have been informed that my sword arrived safely in the USA. Glad to know that! I am psyched to have a sword…..makes me feel all medieval and stuff.

As my trip has been winding down, I have been thinking about how many places I have been: 41 cities! Last I counted, that is….and 13 countries! (including Monaco). Thirteen countries and 41 cities…man, it’s been a long trip….but I am coming home soon….and looking forward to camp.

I still want to hear from everyone, so please write to me!