Jared at Camp

Greetings all!

The party was a blast…..everything is still cloudy, and I stumbled around, hung over all day as I packed. Thanks for the pizza, Rob, and for lettin’ us hang all night. It was great to see everyone again and when I am finally back for good in the fall, I want to catch up with each of you individually.

So, I am off to summer camp….bugs, camp fires, bunk beds, pre-pubescent / hormonal teens, but no smores and hot dogs on sticks…it’s a weight loss camp. Next time you see me, I shall be half the man I used to be…if the gods are willing. You may ask why I have chosen to go to summer camp at this juncture in my life. Four reasons: 1) To avoid getting a real job;  2) Get in shape;  3) Work with kids; and  4) I ain’t ready to settle down again just yet.

This year has been all about changes for me….changing the things I do on a daily basis to moving from being unhappy to happy. That’s a process. First, I left my job. That was the most stressful part of my life. Then, I got rid of my high priced apartment. Freedom from slavery to high rent. Then, I cut some ties that held me back and took the trip of a lifetime.

I saw many things that I have previously described, and returned a much more worldly man with a broader perspective on life. Now, I embark on improving my physical health, while gaining leadership experience and working with children. I will be a Group Leader, in charge of 50 kids and 10 counselors. I have to know when they are eating, sleeping, and pooping, at all times…making sure they go to their activities, wipe their butts, write to mom and dad, and don’t cause too much trouble. I’ll be playin a lot of guitar too. Should be the summer of my adult life! I don’t know if I will be able to access email too much in order to write about it, but I will try my darndest.

You can call me at 917-690-0343, because I will have my phone at camp. You can also send me text messages at 9176900343@mobile.att.net.

I can’t respond to that email address, but I can read your messages to me….perhaps while I take a break from soccer or hockey…or arts and crafts….or soft ball…or color war…while sipping a mug of bug juice, swatting mosquitoes, and chillin with da boyz.

Have a great summer, all. Keep in touch!