Jared’s New Info …

Wassap all?  I got me a new phone number!  It is:


My very own, actual phone line installed into my very own apartment. These are luxuries for one who has been so unsettled for so long. Feels good. Now I can surf the Internet with abandon, download all kinds of illegal music from Napster, chat with all kinds of folks….hell, with Urban Fetch and Kozmo.com, one doesn’t need to leave his apartment…hmmm….wait…they don’t deliver to Queens. Crap. Oh well, I am still psyched…there’s always that 24 hour deli down the block.

I am on the prowl for a new job…I have been meeting with recruiters for a week….I am sure next week I will start interviewing..and maybe I will be lucky enough to be a corporate rat again some day! I am still trying to find that Israel Travel job, but it’s hard, because most of the organizations I would want to work for are either hurting for money or don’t have need…..ahhh what little do they know.

Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends. Remember to look for me on AOL, screen name is JMNISSIM. Also, check out my MP3.com site:


Most of the recordings up there are crappy, but I should have some good ones soon. I am trying to start a band. Fun stuff.

My address:

Jared Nissim
44-14 11th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Hope to hear from ya’ll.



Life is a continuous journey and this is not the end.